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.Release/Reissue » 1988 » Zawinul Syndicate – The Immigrants (1988 FLAC)

Zawinul Syndicate – The Immigrants (1988 FLAC)

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Zawinul Syndicate - The Immigrants (1988 FLAC)

Zawinul Syndicate – The Immigrants (1988 FLAC)

Artist: Zawinul Syndicate
Album: The Immigrants
Release/Reissue: 1988
Genre: Jazz, Fusion

01. March of the Lost Children
02. Criollo
03. Shadow and Light
04. King Hip
05. No Mercy for Me (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy)
06. The Devil Never Sleeps
07. You Understand
08. From Venice to Vienna

Although Zawinul tried touring alone in the immediate wake of the breakup of Weather Report, he soon returned to a group format, first with Weather Update in 1986 and a couple of years later with the raffishly named Zawinul Syndicate. The multi-national Syndicate basically expands the Weather Report format into a sextet, with a rock guitar (Scott Henderson) replacing the sax, an extra percussionist on board to join WR’s Alex Acuna, and more vocal support then ever — and if a Wayne Shorter-like melody line was needed, Zawinul would play it himself on his new Korg Pepe wind synthesizer. If anything, The Immigrants burrows even further into the world-music bloodstream than WR ever did, with vocals in Spanish and wordless syllables on top of Zawinul’s one-chord Third World grooves. There is also a heavier pop emphasis (again nothing new for Zawinul), including a recomposition of “Mercy Mercy Mercy” called “No Mercy for Me,” now an assertive paean to self-reliance that is soulfully sung by the Perri sisters. Some of the tunes and grooves fall short of Zawinul’s irresistible best, but “King Hip” swaggers at a high level and “From Venice to Vienna” — another of Zawinul’s nostalgic memoirs of Europe — lingers hauntingly at the album’s close.

Alex Acuña – Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Scott Henderson – Guitar
Abraham Laboriel, Sr. – Bass
Yari Moré – Vocals
Richard Page – Vocals
Hector “Rudy” Regalado – Percussion, Vocals
Cornell Rochester – Drums
Joe Zawinul – Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals, Korg Synthesizer, Keyboard Bass