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Tobias Weindorf – Parable (2021 FLAC)

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Tobias Weindorf - Parable (2021 FLAC)

Tobias Weindorf – Parable (2021 FLAC)

Artist: Tobias Weindorf
Album: Parable
Release/Reissue: 2021
Genre: Jazz

01. Being Home
02. Waltz for K.W.
03. Possession
04. This is Strange
05. Finn
06. Lost Song
07. New Shoes
08. November Song
09. No Way Out
10. The Old Bird
11. Parable
12. The Love of My Life

Tobias Weindorf’s second album for JazzSick Records, which mainly contains pieces by the pianist. He is joined by long-time partners Kristina Brodersen (sax.), Christian Ramond (bass) and Peter Weiss (drums). As a bonus, there are also three vocal tracks by punk rock legend Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut).

Tobias Weindorf, who this time contributed more pieces of his own compared to the previous albums, wants to cover as many aspects of contemporary jazz as possible. It starts with the line-up, which ranges from solo piano to quintet with vocals.

One encounters monk and modern straight-ahead jazz as well as punk songs that Weindorf carefully translates into the language of jazz.