Genre ยป The Felice Brothers – From Dreams To Dust (2021 24/48 FLAC)

The Felice Brothers – From Dreams To Dust (2021 24/48 FLAC)

The Felice Brothers - From Dreams To Dust (2021 24/48 FLAC)

The Felice Brothers – From Dreams To Dust (2021 24/48 FLAC)

Artist: The Felice Brothers
Album: From Dreams To Dust
Release/Reissue: 2021
Genre: Country

01. Jazz on the Autobahn
02. To-Do List
03. All the Way Down
04. Money Talks
05. Be at Rest
06. Valium
07. Inferno
08. Silverfish
09. Celebrity X
10. Land of Yesterdays
11. Blow Him Apart
12. We Shall Live Again

While Ian Felice is a real person, the persona he’s fashioned over the course of the Felice Brothers’ recording career seems to have strolled out of a novel set in the Deep South in the early years of the 20th century, where his character is a boozy yet personable self-styled philosopher never at a loss for some lopsided wisdom on life’s passing parade. Ian’s character seemed to be wrestling with the precarious balance of breezy wit and the obstacles of living in America in 2019 on the Felice Brothers’ Undress, and he’s still figuring out the proportions on 2021’s From Dreams to Dust. However, From Dreams to Dust feels more comfortable and confident in the belief that we’re living in a difficult time and must acknowledge the gravity of the moment, even if we can’t help but snicker about it every once in a while. Though mounting a soapbox is a relatively new concept for Felice, you wouldn’t know it from listening to From Dreams to Dust. These songs are full of a wobbly confidence that puts a tight focus on the personal and political, lashing out at a world of waste and injustice (“To-Do List,” “Money Talks”) while Felice wavers between a playful appreciation of his own eccentricity (“Jazz on the Autobahn”) and a less charitable observer who has something timely and eloquent to say. The band’s ragged but right grooves are in especially good shape this time out: Ian’s vocals and guitar hit a deft sweet spot between thoughtful and surreal, and his multi-instrumentalist brother James Felice and the rhythm section of bassist Jesske Hume and drummer Will Lawrence have taken the notion of loosely tight and given it flesh, lending their indie folk melodies a framework that has just enough give but never falls over. It’s anyone’s guess what manner of global calamity will greet the Felice Brothers the next time they go into the recording studio, but if From Dreams to Dust gives us anything to go by, they’ll approach it with wisdom and heart, two qualities this album has in healthy quantities.