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Stan Getz – Blue Skies (1995 FLAC)

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Stan Getz - Blue Skies (1995 FLAC)

Stan Getz – Blue Skies (1995 FLAC)

Artist: Stan Getz
Album: Blue Skies
Release/Reissue: 1995
Genre: Cool Jazz

01. Spring Is Here
02. Antigny (Instrumental)
03. Easy Living
04. There We Go (Instrumental)
05. Blue Skies (Instrumental)
06. How Long Has This Been Going On?

Because Stan Getz was so consistent during his lifetime — very rarely did he record a weak album — one greets a posthumous release like Blue Skies with enthusiasm. Although recorded in January 1982, Blue Skies remained in the can until 1995, four years after the saxman’s death from cancer. Joined by pianist Jim McNeely, bassist Marc Johnson, and drummer Billy Hart, Getz is in excellent form on this generally caressing and introspective CD. The only up-tempo offering on Blue Skies is McNeely’s cerebral “There We Go”; Getz is quite relaxed on Johnson’s dreamy “Antigny” and interpretations of “Blue Skies,” “Easy Living,” “Spring Is Here,” and “How Long Has This Been Going On.” True to form, Getz makes the listener marvel at his tone throughout the album; without question, he had one of the sexiest, most gorgeous tones in the history of jazz. It’s unfortunate that this excellent material went unreleased for 13 years.