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Richard Elliot – What’s Inside (1990 FLAC)

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Richard Elliot - What's Inside (1990 FLAC)

Richard Elliot – What’s Inside (1990 FLAC)

Artist: Richard Elliot
Album: What’s Inside
Release/Reissue: 1990
Genre: Smooth Jazz

01. Take Your Time
02. Just Me And You
03. Movers and Shakers
04. Sea Breeze
05. Well, Hold On A Second
06. Imagine
07. Rise & Shine
08. I Believe You
09. West End
10. Cantiba

He’s a former Tower of Power sax player and plays new-age flavored jazz that doesn’t really fall in any one direction, and never gets all that brave, funky, or flashy. He’ll probably cross from new age stations to mild jazz stations to easy listening, which isn’t too bad of a fate. Some of his music suggests Motown, some of it Steely Dan, and we get visited by vocals on “Movers & Shakers” and “I Believe You”. The best of the bunch is the good-natured, reggae-influenced “Well, Hold On a Second,” which has a big smile amongst the instrumental interplay.

Richard Elliot ‎- Tenor Saxophone (tracks: 1-3, 5-10)
Naoki Yanai – bass
Richard Smith – guitar
Steve Bach – keyboards
Dan Siegel – keyboards (6)
Tom Kellock – keyboards (4,7)
Jim Lang – keyboards (8)
Bobby Caldwell – keyboards (10)
Junko Yagami – vocals (8)