Genre ยป Porter Wagoner – RCA Country Legends (2002 FLAC)

Porter Wagoner – RCA Country Legends (2002 FLAC)

Porter Wagoner - RCA Country Legends (2002 FLAC)

Porter Wagoner – RCA Country Legends (2002 FLAC)

Artist: Porter Wagoner
Album: RCA Country Legends
Release/Reissue: 2002
Genre: Country

01. Company’s Comin’
02. A Satisfied Mind
03. A Good Time Was Had By All
04. Midnight
05. Misery Loves Company
06. Cold Dark Waters
07. Legend of the Big Steeple
08. Green, Green Grass of Home
09. Everything She Touches Gets the Blues
10. The Cold Hard Facts of Life
11. The Carroll County Accident
12. Confessions of a Broken Man
13. Howdy Neighbor, Howdy
14. The Rubber Room
15. The First Mrs. Jones
16. The Life of the Party

The RCA Country Legends series — previously on the reactivated Buddha label, but as of 2002, showing up on BMG Heritage, since Buddha no longer exists — stands out because the compilers don’t open up Joel Whitburn’s Billboard chart books and copy down the 16 biggest songs. Instead, they alter their choices slightly, skewing it to a particular sound or style, usually telling a better story about the actual sound and intent of the artist than if they were just concerned with hits. That’s even true with Porter Wagoner’s volume of RCA Country Legends — it may be missing a number of big hits (how could it not be; he was one of the biggest stars of his era, continually hitting the charts for year upon year), but it has the biggest hits, surrounded by selections that give a good idea of who Wagoner was as an artist and entertainer. No, not every big song is here, but no other CD-era compilation gives a better idea of what Porter Wagoner was all about than RCA Country Legends, which is why it’s an essential addition to any comprehensive country library.