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Misia – Paixões Diagonais (1999 FLAC)

Misia - Paixões Diagonais (1999 FLAC)

Misia – Paixões Diagonais (1999 FLAC)

Artist: Misia
Release/Reissue: 1999
Genre: Folk, World, & Country

Album: Paixões Diagonais

01. Paixôes diagonais (Fado Miguel)
02. Ainda que
03. Triste Sina
04. O corvo (Fado tamanquinhas)
05. Fado triste
06. A palvara dos lugares
07. Se soubesse que sentias
08. Minha alma de amor sedenta, sequiosa
09. Mascimento de Vénus
10. Par rêve
11. Liberdades poéticas
12. Paixoes diagonais

Portuguese singer Misia’s fifth album (though only her second American release) moves away from the traditional fado of her earlier albums into a more electric and varied sound. Usually this is a really bad sign that means the artist is trying to break the U.S. pop market through a watered-down, Americanized version of what had made them interesting in the first place. Happily, this is not the case with Paixoes Diagonais, which isn’t fado lite, but simply fado with a few twists. Starting with the strictly traditional title track, the album slowly adds non-traditional elements like subtle string sections, unobtrusive keyboards and electric bass. Thankfully, they avoid the chattering sequencers and electronic beats that have ruined so many so-called world albums since the ’80s. Even the least traditional track here, the almost Kate Bush-like “Nascimento de Venus” is rooted in traditional Portuguese fado, and Misia’s spellbinding voice remains front and center throughout the album. While perhaps not for hard-line purists, this album is a terrific introduction to both Misia and fado in general.