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Mika Nakashima – Love (2004 FLAC)

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Mika Nakashima - Love (2004 FLAC)

Mika Nakashima – Love (2004 FLAC)

Artist: Mika Nakashima
Release/Reissue: 2004
Genre: J-Pop

Album: Love

01. Venus in the Dark
02. Love Addict
03. Aroma
04. Yuki No Hana
05. Resistance
06. Find the Way
07. Marionette
08. Seppun
09. You Send Me Love
10. Be in Silence
11. Love No Cry
12. Aishiteru
13. Last Waltz

Love (stylized as LØVE) is the second album by Japanese entertainer Mika Nakashima, and her third overall album release counting the mini-album Resistance. Its release date was November 6, 2003, in Japan, prior to the Christmas holiday. In contrast to her previous album, True, this album boasts a wider range of styles including ballads, soft reggae, and club jazz. It proved to be a successful move as the album outsold her debut; it topped the Oricon 200 Album Chart upon release and sold just over 437,000 copies in Japan alone the week it came out.

Love won the 2003 Best Album Award at the Japan Record Awards, and has sold 1,447,681 copies to date – making this album the best-selling album in Mika’s career.