Genre ยป Kip Moore – Up All Night. Deluxe (2012 FLAC)

Kip Moore – Up All Night. Deluxe (2012 FLAC)

Kip Moore - Up All Night. Deluxe (2012 FLAC)

Kip Moore – Up All Night. Deluxe (2012 FLAC)

Artist: Kip Moore
Album: Up All Night. Deluxe
Release/Reissue: 2012
Genre: Country

01. Drive Me Crazy
02. Beer Money
03. Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck
04. Everything But You
05. Crazy One More Time
06. Where You Are Tonight
07. Hey Pretty Girl
08. Reckless (Still Growin’ Up)
09. Up All Night
10. Fly Again
11. Faith When I Fall
12. Mary Was The Marrying Kind
13. Motorcycle
14. Beer Money (Live From Soundcheck)
15. Come And Get It (Live From Soundcheck)
16. Hang A While (Live From Soundcheck)
17. Heart’s Desire (Live From Soundcheck)
18. Lipstick (Live From Soundcheck)

Like so many country singers from the Music City, Kip Moore got started as a songwriter, penning tunes for the duo Thompson Square. Moore displays a certain commercial savvy throughout his 2012 debut, Up All Night, sculpting his tunes with care, polishing them until they gleam, writing about all the things country boys love — faith, pretty girls, beer money, and partying — throwing them all together in his hit single “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” a song that could happily double as an advertisement for either beer or trucks. That kind of commercialism is alternately alienating and alluring: the machinations behind the music are so transparent that it’s a bit off-putting, yet the album is executed so well it can nevertheless suck you in against your will. It’s big and bright, shameless in its attempt to win you over, and — given increased exposure — that eager-to-please nature winds up ingratiating whether you like it or not.