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Johnny Hartman – Just You, Just Me… (2001 FLAC)

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Johnny Hartman - Just You, Just Me… (2001 FLAC)

Johnny Hartman – Just You, Just Me… (2001 FLAC)

Artist: Johnny Hartman
Album: Just You, Just Me…
Release/Reissue: 2001
Genre: Vocal Jazz

01. Tormented (Why Must I Be)
02. What’s To Become Of Me?
03. Just You, Just Me
04. A Woman Always Understands
05. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
06. I’ll Never Smile Again
07. Just A Wearyin’ For You
08. Why Was I Born?
09. Sometime Remind Me To Tell You
10. There Goes My Heart
11. Just You, Just Me (Alternate)
12. Why Was I Born? (Alternate)
13. Sometime Remind Me To Tell You (Alternate)
14. There Goes My Heart (Alternate)

Johnny Hartman was only 24 years old when this album was cut, and both his youth and inexperience show. Hartman’s warm, rich baritone (reminiscent of Billy Eckstine’s, who was the African-American crooner of the late ’40s) is already in place here, but neither his delivery nor his phrasing is fully developed yet. It’s not a bad session though — just a disappointing one when placed next to what Hartman would cut in the years ahead. This CD reissue is relatively hard to find, but all of its tracks (plus plenty of others) also appear on Complete Regent Recordings, released in 2001. That superior collection shows what a quick study Hartman was — soon after recording this album he really hit his stride and quickly developed into one of the finest jazz balladeers of all time.

Johnny Hartman / vocals
Tyree Glenn / vocals, trombone
Tony Mattola / guitar
Hy White / guitar
Carmen Mastren / guitar
Laura Newell / harp, cello
Joe Coleman / violin
Max Pollikoff / violin
Budd Johnson / tenor sax, piano, drums
Ray Abrams / tenor sax
Jerry Burshard / trumpet, trombone
Sanford Gold / piano
Cozy Cole / drums