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.Release/Reissue » 1991 » Glenn Miller – The Complete Glenn Miller (13 CD box set FLAC)

Glenn Miller – The Complete Glenn Miller (13 CD box set FLAC)

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Glenn Miller - The Complete Glenn Miller (13 CD box set FLAC)

Glenn Miller – The Complete Glenn Miller (13 CD box set FLAC)

Number of Discs: 13 CD box set
Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Release: 1991

CD 01
01. My Reverie
02. By The Waters Of Minnetonka
03. King Porter Stomp
04. (Gotta Get Some) Shut-Eye
05. How I’d Like To Be With You In Bermuda
06. Cuckoo In The Clock
07. Romance Runs In The Family
08. The Chestnut Tree (‘Neath The Spreading Chestnut..
09. And The Angels Sing
10. Moonlight Serenade
11. The Lady’s In Love With You
12. Wishing (Will Make It So)
13. Three Little Fishes (Itty Bitty Poo)
14. Sunrise Serenade
15. Little Brown Jug
16. My Last Goodbye
17. But It Don’t Mean A Thing
18. Pavanne
19. Runnin’ Wild
20. To You
21. Stairway To The Stars
22. Blue Evening

CD 02
01. The Lamp Is Low
02. Rendezvous Time In Paree
03. We Can Live On Love (We Haven’t Got A Pot To…)
04. Cinderella
05. Moon Love
06. Guess I’ll Go Back Home (This Summer)
07. I’m Sorry For Myself
08. Back To Back
09. Sliphorn Jive
10. Oh! You Crazy Moon
11. Ain’t Cha Comin’ Out?
12. The Day We Meet Again
13. Wanna Hat With Cherries
14. Solid American
15. Pagan Love Song
16. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
17. Over The Rainbow
18. The Little Man Who Wasn’t There
19. The Man With The Mandolin
20. Starlit Hour
21. Blue Orchids
22. Glen Island Special

CD 03
01. Love With A Capital ‘You’
02. Baby Me
03. In The Mood
04. Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam)
05. An Angel In A Furnished Room
06. Twilight Interlude
07. I Want To Be Happy
08. Farewell Blues
09. Who’s Sorry Now
10. My Isle Of Golden Dreams
11. My Prayer
12. Blue Moonlight
13. Basket Weaver Man
14. Melancholoy Baby
15. (Why Couldn’t It Last) Last Night
16. Out Of Space
17. So Many Times
18. Blue Rain
19. Can I Help It?
20. I Just Got A Letter
21. Bless You
22. Bluebirds In The Moonlight (Silly Idea)

CD 04
01. Faithful Forever
02. Speaking Of Heaven
03. Indian Summer
04. It Was Written In The Stars
05. Johnson Rag
06. Ciribiribin
07. Careless
08. Oh, Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh
09. In An Old Dutch Garden (By An Old Dutch Mill)
10. This Changing World
11. On A Little Street In Singapore
12. Vagabond Dreams
13. I Beg Your Pardon
14. Faithful To You
15. It’s A Blue World
16. Ooh! What You Said
17. The Gaucho Serenade
18. The Sky Fell Down
19. When You Wish Upon A Star
20. Give A Little Whistle
21. Missouri Waltz
22. Beautiful Ohio

CD 05
01. What’s The Matter With Me
02. Say ‘Si Si’ (Para Vigo Me Voy)
03. The Rhumba Jumps
04. Star Dust
05. My Melancholy Baby
06. Let’s All Swing Together
07. Rug Cutter’s Swing
08. The Woodpecker Song
09. Sweet Potato Piper
10. Too Romantic
11. Tuxedo Junction
12. Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
13. Imagination
14. Shake Down The Stars
15. I’ll Never Smile Again
16. Starlight And Music
17. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
18. My! My!
19. Say It
20. Moments In The Moonlight
21. Hear My Song, Violetta
22. Sierra Sue

CD 06
01. Boog It
02. Yours Is My Heart Alone
03. I’m Stepping out With A Memory Tonight
04. Alice Blue Gown
05. Wonderful One
06. Devil May Care
07. April Played The Fiddle
08. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
09. I Haven’t Time To Be A Millionaire
10. Slow Freight
11. Pennsylvania 6-5000
12. Bugle Call Rag
13. The Nearness Of You
14. Mister Meadowlark
15. My Blue Heaven
16. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
17. A Million Dreams Ago
18. Blueberry Hill
19. A Cabana In Havana
20. Be Happy
21. Angel Child
22. The Call Of The Canyon

CD 07
01. Our Love Affair
02. Crosstown
03. What’s Your Story Morning Glory
04. Fifth Avenue
05. I Wouldn’t Take A Million
06. A Handful Of Stars
07. Old Black Joe
08. Yesterthoughts
09. Falling Leaves
10. Shadows On The Sand
11. Goodbye, Little Darlin’, Goodbye
12. Five O’Clock Whistle
13. Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar
14. Ring, Telephone, Ring
15. Make Believe Ballroom Time
16. You’ve Got Me This Way
17. A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square
18. I’d Know You Anywhere
19. Fresh As A Daisy
20. Isn’t That Just Like Love
21. Along The Santa Fe Trail
22. Do You Know Why

CD 08
01. Somewhere
02. Yes, My Darling Daughter
03. A Stone’s Throw From Heaven
04. Helpless
05. Long Time No See, Baby
06. You Are The One
07. Anvil Chorus (Part I And II)
08. Frenesi
09. The Mem’ry Of A Rose
10. I Do, Do You? (Do You Believe In Love)
11. Chapel In The Valley
12. Prairieland Lullaby
13. Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider
14. Song Of The Volga Boatmen
15. The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)
16. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
17. I Dreamt I Dwelt In Harlem
18. Sun Valley Jump
19. When That Man Is Dead And Gone
20. The Spirit Is Willing
21. A Little Old Church In England
22. Perfidia

CD 09
01. It’s Always You
02. Spring Will Be So Sad (When She Comes This Year)
03. The Airminded Executive
04. Below The Equator
05. Boulder Buff
06. The Booglie Wooglie Piggy
07. The Chattanooga Choo Choo
08. I Know Why
09. Don’t Cry Cherie
10. The Cradle Song
11. Sweeter Than The Sweetest
12. I Guess I’ll Have To Dream The Rest
13. Take The ‘A’ Train
14. Peekaboo To You
15. The Angels Came Thru
16. Under Blue Canadian Skies
17. The Cowboy Serenade (While I’m Rolling My Last…)
18. You And I
19. Adios
20. It Happened In Sun Valley
21. I’m Thrilled
22. The Kiss Polka

CD 10
01. Delilah
02. From One Love To Another
03. Elmer’s Tune
04. Says Who? Says You, Says I!
05. Orange Blossom Lane
06. Dear Arabella
07. The Man In The Moon
08. Ma-Ma-Maria (Fee-dle, Ee-dle-lee,Fee-dle, Ee-dle)
09. This Time The Dream’s On Me
10. Dreamsville, Ohio
11. Papa Nicolini (The Happy Cobbler)
12. Jingle Bells
13. This Is No Laughing Matter
14. Humpty Dumpty Heart
15. Ev’rything I Love
16. A String Of Pearls
17. Baby Mine
18. Long Tall Mama
19. Day Dreaming
20. Moonlight Sonata
21. Slumber Song
22. (There’ll Be Blue Birds Over) The Whites Cliff Of
23. We’re The Couple In The Castle

CD 11
01. It Happened In Hawaii
02. Moonlight Cocktail
03. Happy In Love
04. Fooled
05. Keep ‘Em Flying
06. Chip Off The Old Block
07. The Story Of A Starry Night
08. At The President’s Birthday Ball
09. Angels Of Mercy
10. On The Old Assembly Line
11. Let’s Have Another Cup O’ Coffee
12. Skylark
13. Dear Mom
14. When The Roses Bloom Again
15. Always In My Heart
16. Shhh, It’s A Military Secret
17. Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone…)
18. She’ll Always Remember
19. The Lamplighter’s Serenade
20. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
21. American Patrol
22. Soldier, Let Me Read Your Letter
23. Sleep Song

CD 12
01. Sweet Eloise
02. (I’ve Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo
03. Serenade In Blue
04. At Last
05. Lullaby Of The Rain
06. Knit One, Purl Two
07. That’s Sabotoge
08. Canchita, Marquita, Lolita, Pepita, Rosita,…
09. The Humming Bird
10. Yesterday’s Gardenias
11. Dearly Beloved
12. Moonlight Mood
13. Caribbean Clipper
14. Here We Go Again
15. That Old Black Magic
16. Moonlight Becomes You
17. Juke Box Saturday Night
18. It Must Be Jelly (‘Cause Jam Don’t Shake Like…)
19. I’m Old Fashioned
20. A Pink Cocktail For A Blue Lady
21. Rainbow Rhapsody
22. Sleepy Town Train
23. Rhapsody In Blue

CD 13 Alternate Takes
01. Wanna Hat With Cherries
02. Pagan Love Song
03. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
04. My Isle Of Golden Dreams
05. Blue Moonlight
06. Tuxedo Junction
07. Mister Meadowlark
08. Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar
09. Make Believe Ballroom Time
10. A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square
11. Long Time No See, Baby
12. Anvil Chorus (Part II)
13. Frenesi
14. Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider
15. Spring Will Be So Sad (When She Comes This Year)
16. The Kiss Polka
17. Humpty Dumpty Heart
18. Skylark
19. When The Roses Bloom Again
20. That Old Black Magic

Now THIS is a box set! Every single Bluebird recording by the great bandleader, Glenn Miller, all in one convenient compact set. Thirteen CD’s in all, and everyone packed to the max with music every bit as alive today as it was over 60 years ago. This is the sound that defined a generation and an era, all from one man who knew what the record buying and jukebox playing public wanted to hear.

Just so you know, every charted song Mr. Miller released is here – all 127 charted hits – except two: Solo Hop on the Columbia label, and Every Day’s A Holiday which was on the Brunswick label (hence the reason for these two numbers not being included – they are not Bluebird or Victor releases!). Plus so many more songs that are, to me, every bit as good as the hits. Along with that there are some very good alternate takes on disc 13.

The main reason, however, to purchase this set above the others is the sound quality of the tunes. It is a truly remarkable sound that RCA has been able to pull off of the original (lacquer?) discs. You’d swear the songs were recorded 30 years after the fact – the sound is that good. A full bass, no ear piercing highs (nice and crisp as they should be), and the mid range sounds just right.