Genre » Dolly Parton – The Grass Is Blue (2006 FLAC)

Dolly Parton – The Grass Is Blue (2006 FLAC)

Dolly Parton - The Grass Is Blue (2006 FLAC)

Dolly Parton – The Grass Is Blue (2006 FLAC)

Artist: Dolly Parton
Album: The Grass Is Blue
Release/Reissue: 2006
Genre: Country

01. Travelin’ Prayer
02. Cash On The Barrelhead
03. A Few Old Memories
04. I’m Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
05. Steady As The Rain
06. I Still Miss Someone
07. Endless Stream Of Tears
08. Silver Dagger
09. Train, Train
10. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
11. Will He Be Waiting For Me
12. The Grass Is Blue
13. I Am Ready

It was inevitable, especially considering her recent albums, that Dolly Parton would eventually go all the way back to the mountains with a bluegrass project. A child of the southern Appalachians, Parton would have absorbed this music straight through her skin during her formative years. And, indeed, her performance on this CD is impeccable, as is her choice of material. Producer Steve Buckingham has taken care to bring together a group of accomplished bluegrassers to accompany Parton. Alison Krauss, Stuart Duncan, Dan Tyminski, Jerry Douglas, Rhonda Vincent, and Bryan Sutton are major contributors, as is Patty Loveless. Parton wrote two songs for the CD — the title tune and “Endless Stream of Tears” — and she also reworked two of her previously recorded numbers, “Will He Be Waiting for Me” and “Steady As the Rain” as bluegrass pieces. She convinced her producer that Billy Joel’s “Travelin’ Prayer” and Blackfoot’s hard-rocking “Train, Train” could work as bluegrass songs and, sure enough, they do. She also reached into the traditional folk repertoire and crafted a beautiful, haunting version of “Silver Dagger.” Parton shows a terrific knack for this genre and, as always, her approach is a bit eccentric, but that’s one of her gifts as a musician. She’s always followed her own muse; this time it has led her to a singular interpretation of bluegrass that is one of the important bluegrass releases of 1999.