.Hi-Res ยป Charles Mingus – Mingus Three (2022 24/96 FLAC)

Charles Mingus – Mingus Three (2022 24/96 FLAC)

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Charles Mingus - Mingus Three (2022 24/96 FLAC)

Charles Mingus – Mingus Three (2022 24/96 FLAC)

Artist: Charles Mingus
Album: Mingus Three
Release/Reissue: 2022
Genre: Jazz

01. Yesterdays
02. Back Home Blues
03. I Can’t Get Started
04. Hamp’s New Blues
05. Summertime
06. Dizzy Moods
07. Laura
08. Untitled Blues – Take 1
09. Untitled Blues – Take 2
10. Back Home Blues – Take 6 – Incomplete
11. Hamp’s New Blues – Take 4
12. I Can’t Get Started – Take 4
13. Yesterdays – Take 2 – Incomplete
14. Dizzy Moods – Take 2
15. Summertime – Take 3

Most often heard in large ensembles and rarely in a trio context, Charles Mingus joined forces with pianist Hampton Hawes for this 1957 studio date. It features four standards, two originals by the bassist, and a jam by the group credited to Hawes. While there’s nothing particularly arresting or startling about the date, the relationship between the two ostensible co-leaders is a good case study in group dynamics when deference between two strong-willed individualists turns into a certain amount of compromise. Drummer Danny Richmond is not so much the peacemaker or even mediator, and he is the one with the most common sense who actually pulls this triad into a simpatico unit, cooling the embers with his steady, willful-in-its-own-right playing. As complex as the music of Mingus tends to be, it’s nice to hear what he does in a more simplified area.

His “Back Home Blues” is so basic as his bass leads out, while the Mingus chart “Dizzy Moods” is deeper within an easier swing, allowing darker colors to fully but slowly blossom. Richmond favors the tambourine on “Dizzy Moods” and the hip “A Night in Tunisia”-styled take of “Summertime,” while a faster “Hamp’s New Blues” bops along effortlessly, chided by the drummer’s accents. Hawes shines in his gilded, rearranged concept of “Yesterdays,” intentionally messing up the changes for the first few bars before settling in, while slowing the Vernon Duke evergreen “I Can’t Get Started” (always a personal staple of the Mingus book) to a crawl. The most intriguing selection comes at the end, as “Laura” sounds derived from “Tea for Two,” with the hardy upright of Mingus sallying forth about this imaginary woman made real through this poignant song. Some six years later, Mingus, Duke Ellington, and Max Roach would record the controversial trio effort Money Jungle, so in many ways this album is a prelude to that all-star combination, both one-shots and definitely sidebars to the careers of all of these brilliant jazzmen.

Bass โ€“ Charles Mingus
Drums โ€“ Danny Richmond
Piano โ€“ Hampton Hawes