Alison Fleming ยป Blonker – Windmills (1981 FLAC)

Blonker – Windmills (1981 FLAC)

Blonker -  Windmills (1981 FLAC)

Blonker – Windmills (1981 FLAC)

Artist: Blonker
Album: Windmills
Release/Reissue: 1981
Genre: Instrumental, New Age

01. Amazonas
02. White Disaster
03. Taurus
04. Oslo Fjorden
05. Seven Steps
06. Take Me To The Rainbow
07. Windmills
08. Melodie Intime
09. End Of The Day
10. Shadow And Light

The artist Dieter Geike, alone, is Blonker. A German composer and musician, he is skilled at keyboards, bass, guitar, and many other instruments. His gentle rhythmic musical stylings are most times a silky smooth mix of a number of genres, including jazz, rock, and even classical and new age. In 1978 Geike saw the release of his debut album, Die Zeit Steht Still. In 1980 he signed with the Philips Records label to complete two more albums, Fantasia and Windmills. Four years later he switched to another big label, Mercury, where he recorded three more marvelous full-length albums. The start of 1990 found Geike working under yet another new label, BSC Music. Albums like 1980’s Time to Remember and 1998’s Wellness kept his music before fans. Throughout the ’90s, Geike received numerous positive reviews as Blonker. Gradually his fame has spread from Russia to Europe to America.