Genre ยป Billy Currington – Summer Forever (2015 FLAC)

Billy Currington – Summer Forever (2015 FLAC)

Billy Currington - Summer Forever (2015 FLAC)

Billy Currington – Summer Forever (2015 FLAC)

Artist: Billy Currington
Album: Summer Forever
Release/Reissue: 2015
Genre: Country

01. Don’t It
02. Drinkin’ Town With A Football Problem
03. Wake Me Up
04. Good Night
05. Jonesin’
06. Give It To Me Straight
07. It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To
08. Nowhere Town
09. Do I Make You Wanna
10. Sweet Love
11. Soundtrack
12. Summer Forever

As far back as the Beach Boys, the term Endless Summer evoked ceaseless good times, and while Billy Currington doesn’t sound a thing like the boys from Hawthorne, California, he borrows that sensibility for 2015’s Summer Forever. Pivoting off the loping come-on of his 2013 hit “Hey Girl,” Currington decides to keep things light and laid-back, flirting with a bit of hip-hop on the title track and the gamely goofy “Soundtrack,” but such slight departures only serve to highlight how he’s generally decided to keep things genial and familiar throughout Summer Forever. Nothing here is pushed too hard, not the joke on “Drinkin’ Town with a Football Problem” nor the romance on “Do I Make You Wanna,” and that nonchalance is the key to Currington’s appeal: he cares but he’s casual, letting his low-key charisma sell the song but never drawing attention to himself. Much of Summer Forever marries this personality to solid songs — sometimes they get a little silly, as on the mall-country anthem “Don’t It,” but even those tunes benefit from the omnipresent chill — and that means this is as relaxing as a warm breeze but also sturdy, delivering good times as assuredly on the seventh play as it does on the first.